September 19, 2011


Russia expects grain exports up in 2011-12



Russian Deputy Agriculture Minister Alexander Petrikov said Friday (Sep 16) that the country expects 2011-12 grain exports to increase and reach between 20 and 22 million tonnes.


It was initially expected that Russia's grain exports to amount to 20 million tonnes in this period.


First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov said Tuesday (Sep 13) that the country's grain exports could exceed the projected 20 million tonnes in 2011.


Petrikov also confirmed that the ministry expected Russia's grain harvest at about 90 million tonnes in 2011.


Due to severe drought in 2010, the grain harvest fell 35% on the year to 60 million tonnes. In an effort to reduce prices, the Russian government introduced a temporary ban on grain exports in August 2010.


The ban was lifted on July 1.

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