September 19, 2008


Trials conducted for the first injectable antibiotic in France


Dr Marcel Dethinne from Union Cecab Prestor, France, was just one of more than 400 veterinarians from 11 countries who assessed the performance of Draxxin (tulathromycin) in over 200,000 pigs.


Draxxin was the first injectable antibiotic to be approved for preventive use.


The application for a preventive license for Draxxin was supported by a number of scientific studies carried out in accordance with EMEA guidelines by Pfizer Animal Health. However, the company wanted to see how the product would perform in a range of commercial pig farms, in different European countries under real life conditions.


Over 1000 reality trials, the highest number Pfizer had ever conducted in the EU swine market, were to see if they thought this was a commercially viable alternative to oral antibiotics in farms with different management systems, housing, and disease complex.


The trials took place over a 10 month period and in 71 percent Draxxin was reported to be superior to oral anti-infectives. In 26 percent there was no difference between treatments and in 3 percent, orals were considered better.


An overwhelming 85 percent of the veterinarians who took part in the trials consented when asked if they would use Draxxin in the future to prevent SRD.


The results from this study show that a long-acting antibiotic, given by injection is a way forward for many swine producers who currently use in-water or in-feed products to manage disease in their herd said Dr Dethinne.

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