September 19, 2003



Ten-Year Plan For UK Dairy


The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) has announced plans to develop a 10-year strategy for the UK dairy industry. The UK, said the association, was the only major dairying country without a long-term plan. The announcement took place at the Dairy Event Wednesday.


It is hoped that such a strategy, the creation and implementation of which will lie in the hands of the industry itself, will see UK's Dairy on the road to sustainability and profitability in ten years'.


The RABDF adds that it will be a joint industry effort, with a broad working group set up to work on the strategy. The group will consist of 14- 15 people across the sector, such as producers, farming unions, economists, consultancy organisations and processing companies, who will engineer a report on industry needs, the role of the government and the E.U., among other information.


RABDAF believes this underlies the importance of the dairy industry to the national economy and could also map out the UK's competitiveness in dairy vis-¡§¡è-vis the rest of the world.