September 19, 2003



No Growth Seen in China's Swine Production for 2003/2004



Swine production in China is forecast to be flat during 2003 and 2004 due to weak consumer demand for pork stemming from rising popularity of other meats.


Official statistics showed a smaller pace of growth in both swine inventory and pork production in 2002 over the previous year. The past nine months, hog prices were at low levels. However, low feed prices have helped the swine industry gain some marginal profits. Given these realities, the Chinese Government has started discouraging expansion of the swine industry. When the Ministry of Agriculture recently announced the national strategic "Advantageous Production Area Development Program," swine was not included like beef and dairy cattle.


Increasingly health conscious Chinese consumers, especially urban residents, prefer leaner pork. As a result, the swine industry has adjusted the swine production structure from expanding animal size to improving quality of the finished product. But even with an increase of about five percent in the number of three-way crossbred, lean hogs on the main production farms, these efforts are not enough. Compared with western countries, the lean meat per hog in China is only 50%, on average.



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