September 18, 2023


Indonesia's Japfa exports over 32,000 live chickens to Singapore



Indonesian agri-food company, Japfa, has made another successful delivery of more than 32,000 live chickens to Singapore, continuing its contribution to the nation's food security efforts, The Edge reported.


The live chickens, raised in Bintan, Indonesia by Japfa, marks the third successful shipment to Singapore this year, totalling over 91,000 birds exported from Indonesia. Singapore, aiming to diversify its food sources, faced disruptions in live chicken imports due to the pandemic, making Japfa's contributions vital for the nation's food supply.


Japfa's most recent shipment, dispatched on September 1, 2023, signifies an ongoing commitment to bolstering Singapore's fresh chicken supply from Indonesia. The company operates swine farms in Vietnam and various farming operations in China and Myanmar.


Singapore has been actively diversifying its sources of food to enhance food security, particularly since the onset of the pandemic. Live chicken imports, which were primarily sourced from Malaysia, encountered disruptions due to a temporary ban between May and October 2022.


Tan Yong Nang, chief executive officer of Japfa,  highlighted the significance of this recent shipment in furthering the consistent supply of fresh chicken to Singapore from Indonesia. He said that as a leading industrialised agri-food player, with headquarters in Singapore, Japfa has the capacity to meet Singapore's demand and standards for chicken, and the company is proud to contribute to the country's food security strategy by providing local consumers with quality products.


-      The Edge

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