September 18, 2020


Malaysian university commercialises local, biogenic fish feed


Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) has signed a licensing and commercialisation agreement with Iman Insani Sdn Bhd for biogenic fish feed, Borneo Post Online reported.

Under the agreement, the company will market and distribute the research product developed by Dr. Mohammad Bodrul Munir from the Faculty of Resource Science and Technology.

"The biogenic fish feed has proven to enhance the growth of fish and proves that our local research and development are on par with international standards," Unimas said in a statement.

Currently fish breeders in Malaysia depend on imported fish feed from Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan.

According to Unimas, the price of fish feed has been on the upward trend, and has proved to be a major challenge for aquaculture industry.

"The biogenic fish feed will assist the Malaysian fish industry to lower their operational expenditure by reducing the cost of fish feed.

Moreover, it will reduce the industry's reliance on imported fish feed, maintain the price of fish at an affordable level, provide employment opportunities, and open up business opportunities for micro enterprise and entrepreneurs of rural communities in Malaysia to venture into fish farming as well as becoming suppliers of feed ingredients," says Unimas.