September 17, 2008


Malaysian group assures sufficient poultry supply for Hari Raya

The Federation of Livestock Farmers Association of Malaysia (FLFAM) said on Tuesday (September 16, 2008) that the supply of chicken and eggs is sufficient therefore prices would not be increased during the Hari Raya festive season.

FLFAM president Lee Ah Fatt said the federation has also asked the government to set the ceiling price for chickens and eggs at RM 7.5 per kg and 34 cents for Grade A eggs during Hari Raya.


Lee said the government would set the ceiling price soon, in view of Hari Raya.


Current chicken prices range RM 7-7.5 per kg while Grade A eggs are sold for 30-35 cents, Lee said.


Daily consumption of chickens and eggs in Malaysia are 1.3 million and 15-25 million respectively, depending on the occasion.


Lee said demand is expected to increase by 3-4 percent during festive seasons, and egg demand will increase sharply towards the third week of the fasting month as most families start making cookies and cakes.

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