September 16, 2020


Germany reports additional African swine fever cases


Five more cases of African swine fever (ASF) have been discovered among wild boar carcasses in Brandenburg, east Germany according to Brandenburg state government, Reuters reported.


Ursula Nonnemacher, Brandenburg state health minister, told a committee of the state's parliament that the ASF cases were limited to dead wild boars and not detected in farm livestock. The cases were found close to the initial confirmed ASF case last week.


She said final tests are being conducted at Germany's Friedrich-Loeffler scientific institute.


China, Japan and South Korea are some of the major pork importers that have announced a ban on German pork imports since Germany's ASF case was reported last week, with exports of the meat becoming limited to the European Union.


Germany is in discussion with China to impose a regional ban on pork imports, limited to only the region where ASF was detected compared to a nationwide pork import ban. 


-          Reuters