September 16, 2016

Producers slash vitamin B12 prices in China

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Prices were lower.

Prices of local vitamin B12 in China (RMB/kg)

Price quotes as of Aug 16

Price quotes as of Sep 14

Price Changes 



-5 to -5

Prices are representative and for reference only.
RMB1=US$0.1499 (Sep 16)

Trade was light in the vitamin B12 market as feed demand failed to improve as strongly as anticipated. Feed millers were more prudent than past years as the economic outlook of China remained bleak. Consequently, vitamin B12 producers cut prices in efforts to promote sales before the Mid-Autumn Festival holidays.

Prices are seen weak after the festive holidays. Although feed demand should increase before the long October holidays, feed millers are unlikely to stockpile high inventories of feed additives amid cautious mood.

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