September 16, 2008


Zhongpin receives cash grant for production facility

Zhongpin Inc. has received a cash grant of RMB 1.65 million (US$241,740) from the Henan government for its new production facility.


The grant was awarded in recognition of Zhongpin's contribution to the advancement of meat processing technology. The company is currently building a new production facility at Zhongpin Industrial Park, located in Changge City, Henan Province. The facility will have an annual capacity of 28,800 tonnes of prepared meat products, utilise automated state-of-the-art technology and advanced equipment that uses an industrialized production process capable of producing high quality meat products.


Zhongpin CEO Zhu Xianfu said the new facility will produce prepared meat products in a temperature-controlled environment that ensures good hygiene and quality standards, and that the company will utilise its nationwide cold chain logistics system to distribute the products throughout China.


Zhongpin is a meat and food processing company that specialises in pork and pork products, and fruits and vegetables, in China. Its distribution network in China spans more than 24 provinces and includes over 2,960 retail outlets. Zhongpin's export markets include the EU, Eastern Europe, Russia, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea.

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