September 15, 2021


Kemin hosts virtual summit on amino acid nutrition for dairy cows




Protein metabolism in dairy cows has entered a new era where precision and accuracy of data make the foundation of dietary formulations. Recognising the growing potential of optimising dairy cow production, Kemin held a virtual summit from September 6 to 9, bringing together seven high calibre speakers from industry and academia.


Together, these gurus of ruminant nutrition amount to more than 150 years of professional experience and have published more than 500 scientific publications on amino acid nutrition.


They presented on topics including encapsulation technologies, practical aspects of balancing amino acids in dairy rations, bioavailability and economic impact of rumen-protected methionine in dairy cattle and many more.


Kemin also introduced KESSENT™, a modern format of protected methionine that delivers what producers need for their cows and ultimately helps them achieve profit, through better bioavailability and delivery of the molecules to the absorption sites.


To watch a replay of the presentations, please visit:


The presentations are available on demand till September 24.