September 15, 2020


Fonterra targets community support where it's needed most



Fonterra is taking a new approach to how it provides nutrition to communities, to better reach those most in need across New Zealand, the dairy co-op said.

"We've taken a good look at what the country is facing into, particularly in the context of COVID-19, and asked if our current way of doing things is supporting the people who need it most," said Fonterra CEO Miles Hurrell. "We can see there's a need for us to expand our thinking and take a more holistic approach that reaches more people – which is why we're making these changes."

As part of its new approach, Fonterra will grow the KickStart Breakfast programme alongside partners Sanitarium and New Zealand's Ministry of Social Development.

There are already more than 1,000 schools participating in KickStart Breakfast. One of Fonterra's immediate goals is to work with its partners to have all decile one to five schools across New Zealand joining KickStart Breakfast, thus reaching another 200 schools.

Fonterra would also extend its supply of dairy nutrition further into communities by partnering with NZ Food Network to distribute dairy products to charities, foodbanks and community partners.

"We believe it's not just in schools where we can play a role. We saw this first-hand during lockdown earlier this year, when we redirected close to one million serves of Fonterra Milk for Schools product into communities through food banks, charities and other partners. Coming together with NZ Food Network allows us to keep doing this," Fonterra said.

NZ Food Network CEO Gavin Findlay said: "NZFN is delighted to partner with Fonterra to deliver much needed goodness into the communities of Aotearoa New Zealand. This complements our own desire of 'getting food to where it's needed most'.  Working together, we will strive to ensure everyone has access to healthy, nutritious food."

This refreshed approach means Fonterra Milk for Schools, which is for children in primary schools, will conclude at the end of this year.

"It's something we've loved being a part of, but we know we can provide more kids access to dairy nutrition by growing KickStart Breakfast - which is open to all schools, of all ages and deciles, across the country," Fonterra said.


"We've got a lot of affection for Fonterra Milk for Schools, but we have to recognise through this refresh, there's a much more efficient, environmentally focused and impactful way to get milk to more kids each day," said Hurrell. "It will be an end of an era and we're proud of what Fonterra Milk for Schools has achieved - but times have changed and so will we, to ensure we're always doing our best for those who need it the most."

Fonterra will communicate with schools in the Fonterra Milk for Schools programme -- who are also not members of KickStart Breakfast -- to see if joining KickStart Breakfast is right for them for the 2021 school year.

"These changes reflect our co-operative heart – good things happen when people come together," said Hurrell.

- Fonterra