September 15, 2020


Alleged dumping of processed chickens by Uganda impacts Kenyan broiler farmers


Alleged dumping of processed chickens into Kenya by Ugandan farmers have forced over 540,000 Kenyan broiler farmers to scale down their operations, The Standard reported in early September.

Kenyan farmers were already affected by COVID-19 as lockdowns led to lowers sales at eateries and fast food joints. "Because KFC, Chicken Inn's and other takeaway restaurants are closed by 9 pm, and the sale of hot foods banned during the lockdown, chicken producers have lost a big part of their regular market. Also, many people can't afford to buy meat anymore, due to job losses," said Kiambu Poultry Farmers' cooperative society Ddrector, Zack Munyambu.

He claimed that neighboring Uganda is dumping over 100,000 kilogrammes of chicken into Kenya every month.

Arthur Kimani a farmer in Wangige said: "We raise 55,000 chicks every 32-day cycle on behalf of a big producer. If the market is weak, the producer might scale down the number of cycles in my calendar. This would affect my business and my 12 full-time workers risk losing work because, with fewer cycles, I might not be able to afford all of them."

Kimani added: "We have to prioritise our food producers for the sake of food security in this country. COVID-19 is changing our economic outlook and we have to take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves as a nation."

- The Standard