September 15, 2016


Diamond V to highlight Life Stage Solutions at World Dairy Expo



Dairy producers can learn how to get more milk, improve income-over-feed-cost, and sustain herd health with Diamond V's Life Stage Solutions™ during the World Dairy Expo, held October 4-8 in Madison, Wisconsin.

The company representatives at Exhibit Hall Booth 3616 will explain how Life Stage Solutions provide natural nutritional health support for every stage of the dairy animal's life - calf, heifer, and lactating cow. In addition, Diamond V Dairy Advisors will be on hand to discuss how to identify opportunities for profitable solutions specific to each dairy enterprise.

The Life Stage Solutions programme includes time-tested Original XPC™ as well as next generation dairy products, NutriTek® and SmartCare®. These next generation fermentation technology products provide the proven metabolites found in Diamond V's Original Line, new fermentation metabolite compounds, and proprietary antioxidants and polyphenols. All Diamond V products work synergistically with the natural biology of dairy animals to support immunity, health, and performance, helping to overcome all types of production challenges.

"NutriTek is Diamond V's most advanced nutritional health product for all dairy animals," says Curtis Harms, DVM, director of ruminant business at Diamond V. "NutriTek provides a new level of support for optimal digestive health and balanced immune function, which translates into healthy cows performing to their genetic potential."

Research shows that NutriTek works with the natural biology of the dairy cow to support: rumen health; dry matter intake in early lactation; maintenance of body weight; efficient feed utilisation; milk production over entire lactation.


SmartCare is for the pre-weaning calf designed for use in whole milk and calf milk replacers. Research shows that SmartCare supports calf health and immunity, gastrointestinal development, better starter intake, and improved body weight gain. SmartCare together with Original XPC make up the research-proven Diamond V Calf Program.

Only Original XPC and other Original products from Diamond V carry the US Food and Drug Administration functional claim to "support the dry matter intake of dairy cows when fed as part of a total mixed ration during the first 70 days of lactation."