September 15, 2016

Angel Yeast builds plant in Russia




Angel Yeast is building a 20,000-tonne-per-year yeast plant in a special economic zone in Dankov, Russia.

Production is expected to commence next year at the 30-hectare site.
However, not all was smooth-sailing during the ongoing construction, as chief engineer of the plant Hou Zhengyou had witnessed.

"After a hurricane struck in the region, we provided vehicles and people to the local administrative centre to clear the aftermath of the disaster. We just can't allow ourselves to watch on as trouble happened around us," Hou says emphatically.
And perhaps the plant's Russian workers are returning the favour as many offer to work overtime to expedite the completion of the project, a work attitude which the company says it truly appreciates.

Housing issues for the plant's future 300 employees are being sorted out. A two-story building at Lva Tolstogo street is being reconstructed into a dormitory, and the micro-district "Yuzhnyi" (Southen) of the town is making room for 60 apartments.
Angel Yeast recently completed building a similar plant in Egypt.