September 15, 2015


Brazil's Conab raises forecast for 2014-15 corn harvest to 84.3 million tonnes



The forecast for Brazil's corn harvest in the 2014-15 season had been raised to 84.7 million tonnes from 84.3 million tonnes in August this year.


Conab, the government crop supply agency which updated harvest figures, also held its forecast for soybean, already harvested, at 96.2 million tonnes in the final forecast of the crop year.


The agency's estimate for the country's second of two annual corn crops has increased slightly to 54.5 million tonnes from the 54 million tonnes volume seen in August.


Compared to the previous season in 2013-14, Brazil is expected fulfil 5.8% more of corn harvests, as well as 11.8% more soybeans.


In addition, Brazil could export 50 million tonnes of soybeans and 26.4 million tonnes of corn from crops of the 2014-15 season, according to Conab.


In the meantime, the forecast for wheat in 2015 has been raised to 7.1 million tonnes, up from seven million tonnes last month.

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