September 15, 2011


Japan's imported beef shows 23% increase



Imported beef in Japan rose during July to 85,968 tonnes (boneless equivalent), up 23% on-year, reports the Agriculture and Livestock Industries Corporation of Japan.


The inventory was the highest since November 2002, with 89% being frozen product (up 34% from last year).


Consumption of imported beef during the month increased 7% on the same month in 2010 to 43,884 tonnes, but a surge in import volumes (up 12% to 48,402 tonnes) pushed up already high stock levels further.


Demand for Japanese domestic beef was severely hit by the radioactive contamination found early in the month. Despite the lower production volumes during the month (down 11% on-year), inventories increased 10% in June, to 11,422 tonnes (4% less than a year ago). Consumption was down 9% to 26,261 tonnes.

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