September 15, 2011


England's wheat crop declines from five-year average



England's wheat crop dropped by 1.5% from the five-year average to reach approximately 13.63 million tonnes, the National Farmers Union said on Wednesday (Sep 14).


The National Farmers Union, issuing preliminary results from its 2011 harvest survey, said yields were below average while the cropping area was 3% higher at 1.82 million hectares.


"I believe this year's yield decrease was largely due to tough growing conditions last spring, including one of the lowest ever rainfall levels recorded for the first half of the year across the majority of England," National Farmers Union combinable crops chairman said.


National Farmers Union combinable crops chairman said that a National Farmers Union survey pointed to a large variability in yields.


"Where sufficient rainfall fell in June and July onto later maturing crops, yields have been exceptional," National Farmers Union combinable crops chairman said.


Results for barley and rapeseed have not yet been issued.


Further responses are still being gathered with full results for wheat, barley and rapeseed expected to be published at the end of September.

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