September 15, 2011


Ukrainian Cabinet intends to continue grain export tariffs



Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers intends to continue with grain export tariffs till the end of the marketing year from July 2011 to June 2012, First Vice Prime Minister said.


"Yes, for the time being," said First Vice Prime Minister in response to the question if the government planned to prolong the validity of grain export duties.


In his words, this year Ukraine is capable of exporting about 24 million tonnes of grain crops.


According to the media, the Association Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (Kyiv) estimates the losses of farmers from the effect of export duties on grains at US$1.06 billion in 2011.


The Association considers it necessary that the parliament abolish the grain export duties during its ninth session.


Customs duties on grain exports are effective in Ukraine from July 1 until January 1, 2012.


In particular, export duties on wheat are set at the level of 9%, but not less than EUR17 (US$23.30) per tonne, barley at 14%, but not less than EUR23 (US$31.60) per tonne, corn at 12%, but not less than EUR20 (US$24.50) per tonne.

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