September 15, 2003



Philippines Broiler Production in 2003 Expect to Grow At Slower Rate And Thai Broiler Production in 2004 Seen Up 5-6% Over 2003






Philippines broiler production is forecast to sustain its upward trend in 2003 but at a slower pace.


Strong production of chicken meat particularly during the latter half of last year resulted in an oversupply situation, which pulled down poultry prices. Broiler production is forecast to expand in 2003 but at a slower rate. Large integrators are likely to closely manage the supply of chicken meat this year to avoid the sharp decline in prices experienced last year.


Demand for chicken will likely remain strong as income and population size continue to rise. Imports of chicken cuts are likely remain flat in 2003 with U.S. chicken maintaining its dominance.


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Thailand's total broiler meat production in 2004 is forecast to grow by 5%-6% over the 2003 level.


Total broiler meat production in 2004 is forecast to grow further by 5%-6% over the 2003 level, mainly because of an expansion in production capacities, from farming to processing, among existing integrated poultry producers. Due to price depression in early 2003, the Thai integrated poultry processors revitalized industry cooperation in controlling chick production again in 2003. With the support of the Department of Livestock Development, most of the integrated poultry producers agreed to cut down their weekly chick production by 20% during April until May 2003. However, the effect of this two-month chick production decline will likely be negated by growth in chick production in the balance of the year. Total broiler production through the year 2003 is estimated to increase further by 7% over 2002's level.


For more details, read the full report in eFeedLink Asia News, Thailand 2004 Broiler Production Seen Up 5-6% Over 2003.





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