September 15, 2016
Deal to expand sustainable aquaculture in China
The Dutch-based Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) has formed a partnership with Chinese environmental firm Qingdao Tao Ran Environmental Science and Technology (Tao Ran) in an effort to expand the adoption of ASC farm standards.

"Our partnership with Tao Ran is a milestone for the ASC programme," said Chris Ninnes, CEO of ASC.

"The ASC has seen rapid growth across Asia, and as China is the world leader in aquaculture production and consumption, it is crucial that we position the programme to meet the increased demand for certification in the country," Ninnes pointed out.

He also commented that leveraging local expertise will allow the ASC to respond effectively to interest from retail and foodservice partners and the growing community of farms seeking to improve their environmental performance and social standards to meet demand from the international marketplace.

"Tao Ran has the capacity to help the ASC make meaningful change in China, and will work with our global team to execute a cohesive strategy to transform aquaculture towards environmental sustainability and social responsibility," Ninnes stressed.

For his part, Qing Fang, Tao Ran's aquaculture programme leader, said, "By deeply rooting the ASC's leading certification and labelling program in the world's largest and oldest aquaculture producing country, aquaculture practitioners and seafood consumers around the globe will benefit."

This partnership will allow ASC to seize the historical opportunity of the Chinese government's policy for a "market-oriented mode" in economic development. The agreement includes a long-term strategy to support the development, improvement and adaptation of ASC standards and engage ASC Chain of Custody (CoC) certified companies.

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