September 14, 2015


German additives firm opens new state-of-the-art plant



Feed additives maker Phytobiotics has opened its new, state-of-the-art production facility in Neuendettelsau, Bavaria, Germany, where its sister production company, Senso Additive GmbH, produces most of Phytobiotics' products, which are distributed to over 70 countries.


The new production facility is equipped with new machines and a highly modern control unit that enables Phytobiotics to produce up to 8,000 tonnes of feed additives in three-shift operation per year. The highlight of the new production facility is a 10-metre-long fluidized bed dryer.


With the plant's new centralized control system, a fully automatic production process is possible, starting from grinding, coarse and micro-dosing over mixing and moist granulation to fluidized bed drying and packaging.


The new plant produces Phytobiotics' well-known feed additive Sangrovit® in different variations and animal feed flavors, as well as products for biogas plants.


The new machinery and innovative techniques also enable the production of granulated feed additives. The granules can be coated with substances that enable a more targeted and efficient release of the ingredients within the digestive tract. Phytobiotics said that this represents an important factor in a sustainable use of feed additives and in the protection of resources and the environment.


The original production facility was built in 2005 and had reached its capacity limits, and Phytobiotics and Senso Additive founder Dr. Hermann Roth decided to expand the plant and invest in new machinery. Phytobiotics added that the new production facility was necessary to respond to growing market competition and to execute new product ideas.


The machinery was tested in the technical centers of the suppliers. Wolking GmbH & Co. was assigned with the detailed planning and installation of the new production facility.


Double-digit growth


The global market for feed additives is expected to grow in double digit numbers due to several factors including a ban on antibiotics as growth enhancers in many countries. 


Several Phytobiotics events have been scheduled to take place at the new production site this month and in October.


Phytobiotics was established by Dr. Roth in 2000. In 2004 Senso Additive GmbH was established as a production company responsible for the entire production chain--from growing and processing agricultural commodities to the finished additives.


Today, Phytobiotics concentrates on organising the research, development and sale of its additives while Senso Additive takes care of their technical processes, processing and production. 


Phytobiotics feed additives and consultative services are focused on intestinal health, stress reduction and the increased bioavailability of nutrients for animals.


With its head office in Eltville, Germany, Phytobiotics runs area management branches and production sites in the US, Brazil, Thailand and China, and maintains selling licenses with more than 45 international partners. 
  The new, state-of-the-art Senso Additive plant in Neuendettelsau, Bavaria, Germany
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