September 14, 2011


Europe's 2011/12 rapeseed production to reach four-year low



European rapeseed yield will hit a four-year low in 2011/12, causing the region to be more reliant on Ukraine, Australia and Canada's imports, according to the German-based analyst Oil World Tuesday (Sep 13).


In its weekly report, Oil World revised down its forecast for 2011/12 EU-27 rapeseed output to 18.7 million tonnes, representing a decline of nearly 8% from the 2010/11 actual output of 20.3 million tonnes.


"We estimate imports of rapeseed and canola to increase to 3.2 million tonnes in July/June 2011/12, with Australia becoming major supplier and Ukraine falling to second place," Oil World said.


In the 2010/11 season, the EU imported a total of 2.65 million tonnes of rapeseed and canola.


Rapeseed output in Germany, one of the largest producers in the EU, is seen at 4.1 million tonnes, compared with 5.7 million tonnes last year, Oil World said.


Also in Poland, the crop output is expected to be 1.6 million tonnes or nearly 260,000 tonnes lower than the official forecast, it said.


Oil World also forecast 2011/12 Canadian canola output of 13.5 million tonnes, raising its previous forecast, which it said would lead to higher exports.

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