More than 100 participants were at EW Nutrition's Poultry Academy held on August 31 and September 1 in Manila, the Philippines.

Tonchy Ugrinovic, the company's chief operating officer, welcomed attendees to the event before poultry nutrition and production expert Dr. Steve Leeson kicked off the first day with his presentation on "Designing broiler feeding programs –integration of formulation, economics & predictive outcome." He later dealt with the topics of "Feeding layers for longer laying cycles to optimize production & profitability" and "Low protein diets – theory vs practical application" throughout the day.

Other speakers included Ross Asia Pacific's technical services manager, Judy Robberts ("Management of Broiler breeder and commercial broiler chicken for growth & productive efficiency", "Optimizing day old chick quality – breeder & hatchery perspective"), Hy-Line International's global technical services manager and global nutritionist, Vitor Arantes ("Adaptations in management to cope with the evolutions in performance & nutritional requirements, of commercial laying hens"), and his colleague, global manager of technical services Daniel Valbuena ("Health management of layers in hot weather conditions").

On day 2, the speakers were:

    - "Cost mitigation of formulation with high ingredient prices", "Nutritional options to support gut health & immunity", "Leveraging enzyme technology – consideration of substrates" by Steve Leeson;

    - "Phytogenic components as an aid to optimize gut health" by EW Nutrition's global technical manager (poultry), Ajay Bhoyar;
    - "Influence of nutrition & management on eggshell quality", by Vitor Arantes;

    - "Choosing the right xylanase for poultry feeds", by EW Nutrition South East Asia/Pacific's regional technical director, Sabiha Kadari.
Enzyme nutrition and gut health are two areas that EW Nutrition is focusing on in the Asia Pacific, said Ramakanta Nayak, regional director of EW Nutrition (Southeast Asia and Pacific), during the event's Q&A session on the first day.

"These are two segments where we want to prove our strengths again and again, and we will… bring (more) research on these," Nayak added.

More customers are achieving positive results with EW Nutrition's enzyme-based and gut health products in the region, according to Tonchy Ugrinovic.

"We are committed in developing new technologies and bringing these new solutions into the market," Ugrinovic stated. "We will keep doing these through continuous investment in R&D, our people, our teams (and) product management."

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