September 13, 2021


UK pork now permitted to enter Mexican market



The Mexican market is now open for British pork for the first time, which means a potential boost of £50 million (US$69.2 million) for the United Kingdom over the first five years of trade.


Global UK pork exports were worth over £421 million (US$582.3 million) to the country’s economy in 2020, reaching 75 export markets worldwide.


According to the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, access to the Mexican market alone is estimated to be worth £50 million to UK pork producers over the first five years of trade. This development follows over four years of negotiations and inspections.


The Mexican National Department for Health, Safety and Agricultural and Food Quality (SENASICA) inspected numerous premises throughout the UK during a visit which occurred in February 2020, leading to a decision to approve four processing facilities and four associated cold stores in England and Wales.


Mexico is the second Latin American market open for British pork after the Dominican Republic.


- United Kingdom Government