September 13, 2021


ASF on the rise in EU


African swine fever outbreaks in both wild boar and domestic pigs in the European Union continue to increase each month and are exceeding 2020 levels.


ADNS-ADIS data for the period from January to September this year show that ASF cases in the EU are far from decreasing, but rather, are increasing with each passing month.


During the first nine months of 2021, 8,885 cases have been confirmed in wild boar, higher than in the same period last year (8,567) and 1,208 outbreaks in domestic animals, well above 862 for the same period of 2020.


Of note was the appearance of the disease for the first time in domestic pigs in Germany on July 17, as well as the outbreak on a pig farm in Estonia, where no cases of ASF in domestic pigs had been confirmed since 2017.


In contrast, Lithuania has not confirmed any cases in domestic pigs so far this year. In Romania, outbreaks have soared, at 1,119, already surpassing the total number of outbreaks in 2020 (1,053).


Poland, which remained free of outbreaks until March, has seen a spike in August, when 41 outbreaks were confirmed, bringing the total number to date to 82, still below the number of outbreaks confirmed for the same period in 2020. This significant increase in the number of outbreaks in Poland is compounded by the fact that they have appeared in areas where the disease had not previously been detected.


While the number of cases in wild boar is decreasing in Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, if we compare the values between January and September 2021 with those of 2020, significant increases are observed in Slovakia and Germany and a slight increase in Romania.


- Pig333 / ADNS-ADIS / MAPA.