September 13, 2021


Spain's agri-food exports at record high last year


Spain's agri-food and fishery exports had reached an all-time high in 2020, driven by foreign sales of pork and fruit.


The agri-food and fishing sector consolidated the important role it plays in Spanish foreign trade, and now accounts for more than one-fifth (20.6%) of the national economy's total exports, while imports represent 12.8%.


Meat was sold for €8.4767 billion (US$9.9 billion), and the Spanish meat industry was the subsector with the highest growth (17.8%), driven by China's demand for pork.


The European Union remains the preferred destination for Spanish food and beverage exports, concentrating 63% — €33.76 billion (US$39.9 billion) in economic terms — with an increase in exported value of 1.7%.


The proportion represented by the EU until last year was even higher, 72% in 2019, before the exit of the United Kingdom.


The value of Spain's exports to third countries increased last year by 8.5% — €20.088 billion (US$23.7 billion) overall — due to the significant boost in sales to China, which increased by 67.3%.


- MAPA (Spain)