September 12, 2011


DSM introduces new phytase product (Press Release)

Press Release


DSM Nutritional Products has launched the next-level phytase RONOZYME® HiPhos.


Extensive pre-launch trials with poultry and pigs in many countries have demonstrated its benefits. When added to livestock feed, it has the ability to consistently deliver nearly twice the level of available phosphorus from the widest range of feed raw materials as do current competitor phytase products. Feed formulations using RONOZYME® HiPhos therefore require considerably less inorganic phosphorus and/or animal protein producers. This noticeably cuts feed costs. It also significantly reduces the environmental impact of livestock farming, as less phosphorus is excreted by livestock on a diet containing RONOZYME® HiPhos. Dependent on feed ingredient prices and feed composition, trial results published show that additional savings of 10-15% can be generated compared to standard phytase recommendations.


RONOZYME® HiPhos has been jointly created by the DSM Novozymes Alliance, which has over 20 years of experience in the development of phytase and other enzymes for use in animal feed. Having already jointly developed the phytase RONOZYME® NP, DSM and Novozymes pooled their extensive knowledge and expertise to create the new RONOZYME® HiPhos.


RONOZYME® HiPhos also offers greater efficiency in application. It comes in three forms. RONOZYME® HiPhos (GT) for pelleted feeds, featuring what DSM describes as the most heat-stable phytase available on the market. Its flowability, mixability and freedom from dust are excellent. Presented in granulated form, RONOZYME® HiPhos continues the DSM tradition of having the industry-leading thermo-stable, dust-free formulation with a particle size that ensures optimal distribution in premixes and feeds.


Meanwhile, RONOZYME® HiPhos (M), is a more suitable product form for mash feed processing, whereas RONOZYME® HiPhos (L) is a liquid form for any other feed applications.
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