September 12, 2008


Australian growers unaffected by wheat export changes


Australian wheat growers will take changes to bulk wheat export arrangements in their stride as most already market other grains for export, said Murray Jones, chairman of grower lobby Grains Council of Australia.


Nearly all wheat farmers grow a range of crops, so the impact of the deregulation of bulk wheat exports likely represents only an incremental addition to existing efforts to market their production, he said late Thursday (Sep 11, 2008).


Many growers will use the grain marketers that they have worked with in the past and many will also probably sell their production to several buyers, he said.


Young farmers would see the deregulation as a great opportunity, he said.


Under the arrangements that ended June 30, any bulk wheat that was not sold into the domestic market, was delivered to AWB Ltd for export through its collective sales pools.


Jones was commenting after regulator Wheat Exports Australia Thursday accredited two units of AWB as bulk wheat exporters, which bring the number of companies accredited to 13. The regulator is considering others for accreditation and is still receiving applications.


Most of the accreditations are expected to be in place by the time the main harvest starts in November.


The new export arrangement would allow growers to build direct relationships with overseas customers and also provides offshore buyers to have direct contact with growers, he added.


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