September 11, 2008

Sanlu-branded milk lands 14 babies in hospital

At least 14 babies were hospitalised in northwest China after consuming milk made from powder labelled with the Sanlu brand, according to the Gansu Provincial Public Health Bureau.


The sickened babies had developed kidney stones after consuming the milk.


A spokesman with Sanlu Group, a leading dairy products company in China, said the company did not produce the milk powder in question and that the packaging was faked.


The spokesman said the company had sent people to Gansu to conduct its own investigation.


Zhang Wei, chief urologist at the No.1 Hospital of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), in the provincial capital Lanzhou, said more babies could be sick but parents may have been deterred from seeking treatment for their children due to high medical costs.


The bureau is investigating Sanlu for possible connections between the milk powder and the babies' kidney stones. This is not the first time Sanlu has been involved with food quality scares.

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