September 11, 2003



An Overview of Recent Market Situation for Vitamins in China


An eFeedLink Exclusive Report


Vitamin A500: Current quotations asked by Roche Group stand at about RMB116/kg, with actual transacted prices ranging between RMB113-114/kg. Considerable volumes are transacted at close to RMB112/kg. The month of July saw some foreign producers who were inclined to raise prices. However, the market remained generally stable, with marginal fluctuations.


Vitamin B6: Current quotations given by Roche Group maintained at RMB170/kg, while the actual transacted price averaged at RMB165/kg.


Nicotinic Acid: Current selling prices quoted by Lonza Group kept close to RMB56/kg, while the actual transacted prices ranged between RMB54-55/kg. Quotations requested by Degussa, on the other hand, stand at about RMB55/kg, with the actual transacted prices falling between RMB53-54/kg.                  


Vitamin K3: Local producer, Zhejiang Brothers, quoted Vitamin K3 at RMB88/kg, while actual transacted prices averaged between RMB85-87/kg.


Vitamin E: Current quotations issued by Roche and BASF Group hovered at RMB54/kg, with actual transacted prices falling between RMB52-53/kg. Locally produced Vitamin E was quoted at RMB46/kg, while the actual transacted price was about RMB44/kg.   


Biotin: Sumitomo Chemical quoted biotin between RMB140-150/kg. However, the average transacted price is around RMB135/kg, while transacted prices for larger volumes fall as low as at RMB120/kg. Meanwhile, quoted prices given by Roche are relatively high. Its current quotations ranged between RMB190-200/kg, while actual transacted prices hovered at around RMB185-190/kg.