September 10, 2020


Germany reports suspected African swine fever case


Germany's Ministry of Food and Agriculture said it has detected a suspected African swine fever (ASF) case in a wild boar carcass at Brandenburg, east of the country bordering Poland, Reuters reported.


The ministry said the carcass has been taken for further tests at the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute laboratory.


The ministry added that Julia Kloeckner, Federal (Agriculture) Minister will release a statement once tests on the carcass are completed.


Germany is concerned over the spread of ASF after it was confirmed among wild boars in west Poland, with one case detected 10km away from the border to Germany. ASF cases have been confirmed in 10 other countries, suspected to be spread by wild boars.


There are also concerns over export bans imposed on Germany to China and other Asian countries if ASF enters the country.


China has imposed bans on pork imports from countries with ASF outbreaks.


Germany's national statistics office said about 158,000 tonnes of German pork valued at EUR 424 million (~US$501 million; EUR 1 = US$1.18) has been exported to China in the first four months of this year, two times higher compared to the same period in 2019.


Sales have gone up as China increased pork imports to supplement dwindling domestic supplies.


-      Reuters