September 10, 2019

Malaysia calls for all states to venture into aquaculture



Malaysia's Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry is calling upon all the country's states to get into aquaculture in order to increase production of high-quality fishery produce and meet a rising demand.

According to Malaysian Deputy Minister Sim Tze Tzin, Penang is top aquaculture state in country that had reached a 50:50 ratio in aquaculture and captured fish. The aquaculture sector in that state is worth MYR1.67 billion (US$399.6 million) and has over 50% share in Malaysian aquaculture market.

Overall, Malaysia's aquaculture industry is worth MYR 3 billion (US$717.8 million)

"Moving forward, we need to have more aquaculture activities, the minister said, adding that more states should venture into aquaculture.

"Malaysia is in the capture fisheries sector, but the fish resources are declining at an alarming stage. That is why we need to have conservation, we have to implement certain policies to ensure we are not overfishing. Eventually, we will have to move on to aquaculture."

- Bernama