September 10, 2016


UK pork gains foothold on Aussie market



Despite a marginal decline in Australia's total imports of fresh and frozen pork in the first half, the UK was able to penetrate the market as its exports zoomed to 1,000 tonnes from only 24 tonnes last year.


The UK, though, faces strong competition from other EU countries, notably Denmark and the Netherlands, and North America, AHDB Pork said. Ireland is also gaining a small but significant share of the market, it added.


Neither Denmark nor the Netherlands increased their trade to any significant degree in the first half of 2016 in contrast to strong growth for the US which increased its market share to 35%, the same as Denmark's.


Australian imports mainly consist of frozen product with chilled accounting for only 7.5%, which was mainly supplied by Denmark. The value of Australian imports in the first half of 2016 amounted to A$294 million (US$223.6 million), down 8% on a year earlier as the average import price was 6% lower.


UK product exported to Australia mainly consisted of frozen middles and so represents a high value market for UK exporters. The average import price of A$4.07 (US$3.10) per kg for UK product was the highest of any supplying country and the overall average was A$3.54 per kg.