September 10, 2015


EC OKs Pancosma's 100% plant extract-based additive for broilers





Animal nutrition products maker Pancosma & Associates announced the approval by the European Commission of its zootechnical additive XTRACT® Evolution-B, which is fully derived from plant extracts. 


Pancosma said this was the first time that the EC has approved a product made 100% from plant extracts and classified as zootechnical additive, adding that XTRACT® Evolution-B is specified for broilers in the European Union. The approval was granted last September 3, some six months after European Food Safety Authority delivered a positive scientific opinion on the product in February.


Pancosma said the approval authorizes the sale of XTRACT® Evolution-B starting on September 24, following a 20-day waiting period.


"This official approval is a turning point for the current users of the product", said Jennifer Maurin, product manager of Pancosma & Associates' plant extracts range. "This conclusive decision once again demonstrates the leading position of Pancosma & Associates".


The Switzerland-based global leader in feed additives said the approval confirmed its finding that XTRACT® Evolution-B (also known as XTRACT® 6930 for poultry), when fed at a dose of 100 gramme/tonne of feed for broilers, increases body weight gain (BWG: + 4.5 %), improve feed efficiency (FCR: - 3.9 %), and increase the amount of metabolisable energy available (AMe:+ 50 kcal/kg).


The three active ingredients in the product--capsicum oleoresin, cinnamaldehyde and carvacrol--act synergistically to protect the digestive epithelium, enhance digestive secretions, and allow better nutrient sparing and absorption, according to Pancosma.

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