September 9, 2020


Corteva, Land O'Lakes Venture37 join alliance in Kenya to address dairy shortage


Corteva Agriscience, Land O'Lakes Venture37, Bidco Land O'Lakes, Forage Genetics International (FGI) and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) announced earlier this week an alliance that aims to strengthen dairy production in central Kenya.

The project will help advance the sustainable farming practices of more than 5,000 women smallholder dairy farmers, and reduce the yearly 2.2-billion-litre shortfall of dairy products in the country.

This group of private sector, non-profit, and research organisations will engage in a two-year programme in methods that enhance nutrient-rich forages (corn silage and hay) production, providing reliable feed for dairy cattle, improving milk production, and reducing the production cost of those dairy products.

"Kenya has the highest per capita consumption of milk in Africa, at 120 litres, compared with the African average of 50 litres," said Joseph Anampiu, commercial unit leader, East Africa, at Corteva Agriscience. "Consumption is projected to nearly double to 220 litres by 2030, backed by a milk demand growth rate of seven percent per annum. As a leader in agricultural innovation and a collaborator with farmers, we are committed to provide tools and training to help increase yield stability, optimize inputs, and improve climate resilience."

In June, Corteva announced its 2030 sustainability goals, spanning a wide range of initiatives for farmers, the land, communities, and its operations.

The alliance combines Corteva's leadership in agricultural inputs and support of smallholder farmers with FGI's private sector leadership in the forage industry. ILRI brings locally-based, world-renowned forage R&D capabilities and livestock management practices to the programme. Non-profit Land O'Lakes Venture37 will contribute its extensive experience adapting advanced technologies and techniques to the smallholder farmer level and facilitating last-mile delivery of key inputs. Bidco Land O'Lakes, a Kenya-based feed manufacturer, works closely with these collaborators to provide compound feed that complements effective forages.