September 9, 2015


Merial's Avinew NeO vaccine for poultry launched




Merial, Sanofi's animal health division, has announced the worldwide launch of Avinew NeO, an effervescent tablet vaccine for the prevention of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) in poultry livestock.


As the first of Merial's six upcoming products of its kind, the vaccine is an eco-friendly formulation consisting of the same active ingredients as the Avinew vaccine, with high levels of safety and efficacy. 15 billion doses of Avinew were sold last year and distributed to poultry farms in more than 80 countries.


Avinew NeO replaces the conventional vaccination method of vial and syringe which have been practiced by poultry farmers for decades. With this vaccine, Merial hopes to improve vaccine applications significantly and cut costs for producers. The process of delivery involves a simplified mixing and handling activity in accordance with vaccination standards.   


Through the use of Avinew NeO, operators can expect more safety for birds as well as for themselves. Other benefits of the vaccine include waste reduction and carbon footprint reduction during transportation.


Packaged in lightweight aluminum blisters, Avinew NeO tablets are dissolved in drinking water and administered orally, nasally or through aerosol spray, whereby droplets enter via the mucus membranes of birds.


Avinew NeO was launched at the 2015 International Congress of the World Veterinary Poultry Association (WVPA) in Cape Town, South Africa. Worldwide sales of the vaccine, according to Merial, is likely to begin in the next few weeks.


More than US$16.8 million had been invested by Merial for the production of Avinew NeO. The investment was channeled to the company's global manufacturing site in in Lyon-Porte-des-Alpes, France.

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