September 9, 2011


Ukrainian producers face competition from Polish poultry exporters 



Ukrainian producers are entering the EU's poultry market, signalling the likelihood of a price war with Polish exporters.


In the face of popular belief, it is not vodka or sweets that are Poland's main export successes in the agriculture and food sector - it is poultry and processed meat products.


In 2010, the value of Polish poultry exports rose over 20% and reached GBP714 million (US$1,143million), with the majority ending up in Western Europe.


However, Polish companies will have to put up a fight to remain in wealthy EU markets, as they will soon face strong competition from the east.


Poland's Foundation for Assistance Programs for Agriculture (FAMMU/FAPA) reported that even as early as this fall, Ukraine may obtain permission to export poultry to EU countries.


According to FAMMU expert Ewa Siemieńska, Ukraine's poultry production is growing rapidly.

In 2010, it amounted to 900,000 tonnes. This year, the projected production is one million tonnes, which is 18% more, she said.


"Ukrainian poultry prices are competitive. That's why they could represent serious competition for Polish poultry on EU markets," Siemieńska added.

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