September 9, 2011


China's egg price increases over 10 consecutive weeks



China's egg prices had increased between August 20 and September 7, according to the Beijing News, citing the Ministry of Commerce.


All figures presented below are on-week and refer to the seven-day period mentioned above.


The average retail egg price rose 1% to RMB10.31 (US$1.61) per kilogramme, hitting a 10-week high.


The pork price grew 0.4% to RMB26.32 (US$4.12) per kilogramme, breaking the highest record of RMB26.12 (US$4.09) per kilogramme. In late August, hindquarter pork reached RMB31.38 (US$4.91) per kilogramme, while streaky pork price was RMB30.37 (US$4.76) per kilogramme.

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