September 8, 2020


Oceanus Group makes investment in Singapore-based Universal Aquaculture


Universal Aquaculture, which has established a novel shrimp farming facility in Singapore, has received an undisclosed sum of investment from Oceanus Group which said the investment aligns with the latter's effort to strengthen its aquaculture pillar.

According to Oceanus, Universal Aquaculture's indoor farming facility has a hybrid biological recirculation system, which fuses mechanical and biological filtration. The system enables zero-water change and significant reduction of feed conversion ratio. It took Universal Aquaculture founder Jeremy Ong six years to crate the system.

Oceanus chief executive Peter Koh said Universal's system reduces the need for large water treatment tanks and equipment, thus saving space, energy and water consumption, while creating the "perfect water conditions" which can reduce the time for the shrimp to reach harvest size.

"We are optimistic that this breakthrough in technology for prawn [shrimp] breeding in a vertical farming environment, where aquaculture could take place within warehouses, will play an important role in sustainable urban food production," Koh said.

- The Fish Site