September 8, 2020


China imports lower meat in August


China's General Administration of Customs data showed the country imported 832,000 tonnes of meat in August, 17% lower than last month but higher year-on-year as China continues to import meat to supplement dwindling pork supplies, Reuters reported.


China's meat imports in July reached 998,000 tonnes, but shipments for August were projected to be lower as more meat plants became suspended from exports to China following positive COVID-19 cases among their workers.


Shipments at ports were also slowed as China imposed strict checks for COVID-19 coronavirus traces.


China's August numbers is the lowest meat imports since May, when China imported 816,000 tonnes of meat.


Customs data showed meat imports between January to August this year have gone up 73% at 6.58 million tonnes. China's General Administration of Customs only started releasing monthly data this year.


Swine production in China dropped 20% in the first six months of 2020.


-      Reuters