September 8, 2015


BIOMIN to host biennial Asia Nutrition Forum across seven cities




This year marks the tenth anniversary of the inaugural BIOMIN Asia Nutrition Forum (ANF).


The 2015 edition will cater specifically to audiences spanning seven cities across Asia during October 20-29. These include Seoul, South Korea; Tokyo, Japan; Jakarta, Indonesia; Beijing and Changsa, China; Dhaka, Bangladesh; and Coimbatore, India.


The theme is "Challenge | Opportunity | Success," with a focus on tackling the global mycotoxin issue, and achieving higher performance by optimising gut health amid increasing consumer concerns regarding safe and ethical meat production.


According to Biomin, today's consumers are curious about the methods and locations of meat production, and whether it is done in an ethical and sustainable way. Professor David Hughes, a leading industry expert on agri-food consumer trends, will address this topic in his keynote speech at the Asia Nutrition Forum.


At the forum, key industry professionals from the poultry, pig, and aquaculture sectors will gather to discuss issues faced by the food and agri-industry. The forum will showcase a high-level panel of renowned industry experts, including Professor Hughes, emeritus professor of food marketing at Imperial College London, and visiting professor at the University of Kent Business School and the Royal Agricultural College, UK; Professor Julian Wiseman, professor of animal production, University of Nottingham, UK; Michael Block, live bird production manager, Tegel Foods Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand; Professor Charles Rangga Tabbu, professor of veterinary pathology, faculty of veterinary medicine, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia; Tony Edwards, pig nutrition and production consultant, ACE Livestock Consulting Pty Ltd, Australia; Dr. Jorge Cuéllar-Anjel, project director, shrimp pathology and research, Camaronera de Coclé S.A. - CAMACO; and Professor Hansel D'souza, professor, ACCS Mumbai, and adjunct professor at SP Jain Center for Management Dubai and Singapore.


Representing BIOMIN at the ANF are Jan Vanbrabant, managing director of BIOMIN Asia-Pacific; Guan Shu, technical manager (mycotoxins) of BIOMIN Asia-Pacific, and Franz Waxenecker, director of development of BIOMIN Holding GmbH.

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