September 8, 2015


Adisseo's Advancia focuses on amino acids, redox balance and immune function




More than 90 participants attended the 9th Advancia International Seminar, which was held in Prague, Czech Republic, on August 24. The event was organised by Adisseo, prior to the WPSA 20th European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN).


Advancia is the Scientific and Technical Community, gathering scientists and nutritionists to share research progresses on sulphur amino acids.


"We have decided to focus our 2015 Advancia on the interaction between amino acids, redox balance, immune function and product quality." said Dr Pierre André Geraert, Adisseo's director of innovation marketing.


Professor Walter Bottje (University of Arkansas, USA) first set up the frame of redox balance and its importance in explaining mitochondria metabolism and its relationship with feed efficiency. He further illustrated what proteogenomic studies can reveal on amino acid, redox balance and feed efficiency benefits.


The key antioxidant potential, supported by selenoproteins through the selenocysteine amino acid (SeCys), was presented by Dr Mickaël Briens, Adisseo's (France) expert on micronutrients and antioxidants. He reviewed the large spectrum of selenoproteins in chickens and other animals, which serve the purpose of anti-oxidation as well as aiding immunity and other functions.


Professor Sammy Aggrey (University of Georgia, US), one of the Rhodimet Research Grant laureate, gave an update on recent researches on sulphur amino acids and immunity. Indeed, methionine deficiency showed a strong impact on immune capacity linked to the redox involvement of methionine and cysteine.


Dr Sophie Tesseraud (INRA Tours, France) further focused on the impact of methionine deficiency on protein metabolism regulation. Methionine deficiency appeared more an example of low availability in dietary methionine that can be met depending on the quality of raw materials.


Dr Mario Estevez (University of Estremadura, Spain) showed the importance of antioxidant factors on the quality of the meat products; this drew into consideration lipid oxidation and protein oxidation related to meat nutritional value and aspect.


Professor Mingan CHOCT (University of New England, Australia) and Professor Peter Surai (Scottish Agricultural College, UK) concluded the Advancia seminar with a Roundtable dedicated to exchange on practical recommendations for optimal formulations.

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