September 8, 2015


Russia sees permanent ban on US and EU meat imports



Russia may perpetually extend its ban on meat imports from the US and the EU if a draft decree posted on the website of the country's Ministry of Economic Development is approved, a report said.


The report said the meat quotas previously allotted for the US and the EU would be proportionally distributed among other importers.


Russian agricultural analyst Eugene Gerden was reportedly inclined to believe in the government plan to impose a permanent ban on meat imports from the US and the 18-nation bloc, saying "it is obvious that Russia is not going to renew the import of meat from the US and the EU, as it may radically change the situation on the national meat market, and would jeopardize the profitability of a number of projects laid down after the introduction of the embargo".


The Russian National Meat Association (NMA) also believed that the decision was only symbolic, as Russia, it said, might stop importing meat products in 2016 because of low domestic prices and reduced purchasing power of the Russian consumers.


The NMA said this year's meat consumption in Russia is expected to fall nearly 6% from 2014, when it also decreased by 2.5%.


Since the EU and the US imposed their first round of trade sanctions against Russia after it annexed Ukraine's Crimea region in March 2013, the country has tapped non-traditional meat suppliers such as India and South Korea.

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