September 8, 2008


India's monsoon rains 27 percent below normal


India's monsoon rains were 27 percent below normal levels in the week ended September 3, according to data released by the India Meteorological Department Friday (September 8, 2008).


While the sowing of crops is now over, the maturing crop still needs rains at regular intervals throughout September.


Scant rains can affect the yield of crops such as cotton, oilseeds, paddy, sugar cane and pulses, the sowing of which was completed last month.


Harvesting will likely begin late this month.


Monsoon rains in the entire June 1-September 3 period were 3 percent below normal levels, the IMD added.


Last week, the monsoon rains were scant in central and northwestern India, while over the next 2-3 days, the IMD has forecast fairly widespread rains in western and northern India.

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