September 7, 2020


Poland reports 74 ASF outbreaks as of August 28


Prior to August 5, 21 outbreaks of African swine fever among pigs had been reported in Poland for 2020 alone.

In the following three weeks after August 5, over 50 new outbreaks have occurred, according to Poland's Chief Veterinary Inspectorate (GIW), bringing the total number of outbreaks in domestic pigs for 2020 to 74 (as of August 28). More than 3,000 cases have also been reported in wild boars.

Each domestic outbreak involved from one to 1,024 pigs, with a total of 4,114 animals affected. The Lublin Voivodeship region was the most affected in terms of outbreaks and number of pigs involved (41 and 2,925 respectively).

The Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship had the next greatest number of pigs affected with 1,034 (three cases).

The Subcarpathian Voivodeship saw six outbreaks with 104 pigs affected.

The Lower Silesian, Lubusz and Masovian Voivodeships each saw one outbreak with 16, 9, and 26 pigs affected, respectively.