September 7, 2011


Ireland on track to exceed milk quota



Despite slight easing of milk supplies during the second half of August, Ireland is still on track to exceed its national milk quota.


Glanbia, Dairygold, Kerry and Arrabawn alone account for around 130 million litres of excess milk over and above their individual quota years to date.


Co-ops reported increased milk supplies for the first half of August, with a slight tapering off of deliveries in the latter half of the month. However, all co-ops are still significantly over quota at this stage.


The latest figures for milk supplies to Glanbia put it 8.2% over quota on August 20, while its Premier subsidiary is 6.5% over quota. Overall, supply for the co-op was 57.3 million litres over on September 3.


Dairygold is running 8.2% or 46 million litres over, when August deliveries were analysed.


A Dairygold spokesman said that milk supplies, during the first two weeks of August, were 5% higher this year compared to last year, but fell back in the second half of the month.


Kerry figures show that it was 3.1% over quota at the end of August, amounting to about 16 million litres.

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