September 7, 2011


Armenia's wheat seed procurement increases by 22%



Armenia boosted their procurement of seed of elite sorts of wheat from Russia to 1100 tonnes in 2011, 22% higher than 2010, according to the Armenian Agriculture Ministry


The seed have already been purchased and is on the way to Armenia. In general, Armenian government allocated AMD840 million drams ($2.3 million) for purchasing, distribution, transporting and monitoring. Armenia has started importing high quality seed from Russia since last year, and it has already given positive results. The wheat harvest is coming to an end and according to the preliminary data in 2011, 28 centners of wheat were gathered from a hectares against 21 centners in 2010. It is expected to gather 210,000 tonnes of milling wheat in 2011 against 183,000 tonnes in 2010. As for the talks on purchase of the super elite sorts of wheat, guided by the necessity to preserve the law of copyright, Russia refused to deliver them to Armenia.


Due to low output, the orders for the local production seed were decreased and instead of the planned 900 tonnes, only 100 tonnes were purchased.


Armenia uses 700,000 tonnes of milling wheat every year.

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