September 7, 2011


US corn yield forecast revised down



Analytical firm Informa Economics cut its forecast for 2011 US corn yield to 151.0 bushels per acre against the previous forecast of 158.0 bushels.


Informa pegged 2011 US corn production at 12.711 billion bushels, down its previous forecast in early August of 13.353 billion bushels.


Yield estimate for US soy has also been reduced to 41.5 bushels per acre from its previous 42.5 and lowered its soy production forecast to 3.061 billion bushels from its previous 3.139 billion.


Lanworth, a US crop forecaster, has estimated the US corn yield even lower than Informa's estimate at143.3 bushels per acre plus or minus 3.0 bushels per acre and production at 12.022 billion plus or minus 251 million.


The Informa corn estimates are below the USDA's August forecast for corn yield per acre at 153.0 bushels and corn production at 12.914 billion.


Its soy estimates were up slightly from USDA's. USDA's August forecast for soy yield was 41.4 bushels per acre and soy production at 3.056 billion.


Lanworth on Friday pegged US soy yield at 40.0 bushels per acre plus or minus 1.2 bushels and soy production at 2.969 billion plus or minus 88 million.


An update on US corn and soy production data will be given by USDA on September 12.

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