September 6, 2016

Thai Union awarded ESG100 from Thaipat



Thai Union Group has received the ESG100 award (Environmental, Social and Governance) from the Thaipat Institute.


The award is in recognition of the Group's induction into the top 100 publicly listed companies which the Thaipat Institute assessed from out of 621 Thai firms.


On behalf of Thai Union Group PCL, Dr. Darian McBain, group director of sustainable development, received the ESG100 award from Sutisha Charoenngam, deputy director of Thaipat, at the Thai Union Group office in Bangkok, Thailand.


The ESG100 list is based on six data sources: the Corporate Social Responsibility in the annual report, TISCO ESG Investment Fund, data used for the granting of Sustainability Report Awards, CG Scoring surveys, sustainability development ratings, and Media and Stakeholder Analysis (MSA).
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